Sci-fi goes high fashion at Gareth Pugh Fall 2011

– posted by Bernice

The Paris shows are much darker than I expected in terms of the themes and colour (or lack thereof). Gareth Pugh was no different, presenting a collection fit for a futuristic warrior.

The clothes were all about definition and symmetry. Edges were sharply cut with the exception of wide chiffon pants and capes that flowed down the runway, enhancing the superhero appeal.

Geometric shapes and lines, including black leather panels, were pieced together to form structured patterns. This trickled down to the boots as well.

The introduction of colour mid-way was a nice surprise after anticipating an all-black collection. (I should’ve known from that heavy blue makeup.) A tight-fitting blue dress with cape was one of the best looks of the show.

Just when I thought my interest had peaked, the metallics hit the runway. Strips of gold mimicked armour and extended over hoods, coats, capes, and leggings.

Karlie Kloss closed with an amazing all-gold ensemble, though my favourite of the metallic looks was definitely the “blazer” over black dress and leggings. Perhaps I would start taking an interest in sci-fi movies if they looked more like this.

*images from Fashion Gone Rogue

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